Planning, Research and Statistics

The Department of Planning, Research and Statistics is statutorily mandated with the responsibilities of formulation and implementation of policies for regulating and supervising activities in the Local Government.

Mutawali Kaumi

Director Planning, Research and Statistics

 It is mandates with the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for coordinating the activities of the Department
  • Departmental Vote Controller
  • Advising the Local Government on matters:       
  • Relating to Budget
  • National Rolling Plans.
  • Data Collection and analysis (Health, Manpower, Education etc)
  • Responsible for Budget and budgetary control
  • Liaise with the “relevant bodies outside their councils on issues related to Election, poverty alleviation programs, NGOs, MDG s among others
  • Responsible for updating of nominal rolls and relevant staff records in terms of appointments, promotions, discipline and retirement for the purpose of gazette, Annual reports etc,
  • Initiation of projects and programs for Local Government
  • Research and Development
  • Monitoring & Evaluations
  • Check and Pass
  • Secretariat of tender’s Board
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